Three blade Roots fan

Simple structure, due to the use of special bearings, has excellent durability, long service life, easy maintenance.

The impeller and the shaft are integral structure, and the impeller does not wear, the performance of the fan is constant, can run continuously for a long time.

High speed, high efficiency, and very compact structure.

Reliable seal, no oil leakage phenomenon, can obtain clean gas, no air pollution caused by smoke.

Aeration Tube

Bottom microporous tube aerated oxygen aquaculture technology, using the bottom aerated oxygen method, mainly is to lay the microporous aerated pipe at the bottom of the pond, the use of air compressor or fan to fill the pipe with a certain pressure of air, air through the microporous aerated pipe to the bottom of the pond for aerated oxygen.Wide range of increased oxygen area, uniform release of dissolved oxygen, increased dissolved oxygen in the bottom of the water, accelerate the oxidation of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide at the bottom, inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms at the bottom.

Fish pool

Galvanized plate breeding canvas pool, 

the support is just composed of galvanized

 plate. This material has been soaked and

 galvanized for many times, so that it will 

not rust and is not afraid of being oxidized


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