Name:Galvanized sheet canvas fish pond

Product Description

1. Galvanized plate breeding canvas pool, the support is just composed of galvanized plate. This material has been soaked and galvanized for many times, so that it will not rust and is not afraid of being oxidized,.

2. The installation is very simple. The interfaces of the two boards are aligned, and the double row screws can be fixed. The cost of building the pool * is low, and the speed of building the pool is fast.

3. Make a good slope and install a fish toilet in the middle, which is easy to clean and easy to discharge

4. The pool is more than one meter above the ground, which is not easy to be affected by flood and other pollution:

5. The inner wall is PVC knife cut cloth. After high-temperature hot-melt splicing and industrial sewing, the canvas pool is waterproof, sunscreen, tear resistance, antifreeze and aging resistance. Combined with the supporting sewage system, it canSewage discharge, so that aquatic products can have a comfortable growth environment.

6. The size can be customized freely. Commonly used ones are: 1.18 meters high (3-20 meters in diameter) and 1.5 meters high (3-20 meters in diameter).

7. Recycling yield * high, high-density breeding, providing breeding benefits.

8. It has a wide range of uses. It has been widely used in pond aquaculture of fish, shrimp, leeches and so on. It can also be used for industrial water storage and agricultural water storage irrigation.

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