Galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond water system design

Design of zero discharge land-based circulating water system

1、 Proper matching of purification fish pond and aquaculture fish pond

The aquaculture water body with a certain proportion of 400 cubic meters of canvas pool is suitable for supporting a fish pond with a water depth of 5 mu and 2 meters. The fish pond is too large to waste the breeding area. Now the rent of the fish pond is getting more and more expensive. The face value of the supporting fish pond is too small, and the water purification effect is not good. The fish pond with a small area must be dug to a depth of 3-4 meters. The effect will be better.

2、 Selection of Galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond

If it is mainly fry, choose a fish pond with a diameter of 3-5 meters.

Fish ponds with a diameter of 6-10 meters shall be selected for the aquaculture of finished fish. The sewage discharge effect of fish ponds over 10 meters is not good, and there is no problem if the water is stored.

At present, the market mainly includes 1 iron frame canvas fish pond and 2 galvanized iron plate canvas fish pond. These two kinds of fish ponds are relatively cheap and can be used for 10 years and 8 years. Each has its own advantages. The iron frame canvas fish pond is convenient for installation and disassembly. The fish pond (iron frame) has a bearing capacity and is suitable for fish ponds with a short lease term. The galvanized plate canvas fish pond is cheaper (the canvas is thin and the durability may be poor).

The price of other fish ponds is relatively high. If it is a local tyrant, it can be ignored. The fish pond is a carrier for fish culture. It has something to do with the culture space and is durable.

3、 Sewage discharge mode and design of Galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond

Generally, the middle pot shaped bottom (cone) is used for sewage discharge

The ratio of this cone is 10:1, the ratio of radius to cone height.

For example, a fish pond with a diameter of 6 meters is 30 cm deep, and a fish pond with a diameter of 10 meters is 50 cm deep, and so on.

4、 Design of supporting sewage pipe

For a 6-meter-diameter fish pond, use a 110 diameter pipe to discharge sewage.

A 10 meter diameter fish pond can use 160 sewage pipes.

The middle cannula can be used for sewage discharge, boundary or drilling. It doesn't need to be too complicated. The effect is very good. The sewage pipeline controls the water level of the fish pond through the U-shaped pipe. It can be directly discharged to the fish pond, or it can be discharged to the purification fish pond through a large centralized pipeline.

5、 Matching of water pump and oxygenation equipment

A 3.0kw submersible pump (with a standby pump) can be used as the water supply pump. A pipe with a diameter of 160 and a water supply port with a switch with a diameter of 75 can be used.

Two roots blowers are used for the oxygenation system. 2.2 kW, 3.0 kW, two independent gas filling systems. It can be opened separately or together, depending on the specific situation (a 2.2kW motor should also be standby)

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