Galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond - high density aquaculture

Galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond is a fish pond composed of galvanized sheet and canvas. Galvanized sheet steel has the advantage that it is not easy to oxidize. The wave shape made by the galvanized sheet after machining also strengthens the bearing capacity of the support. The process of building galvanized sheet is also very simple. Two plates are connected properly and fixed with double rows of screws. In addition, the fish toilet is convenient and easy to clean, Waterproof canvas has the advantages of wear resistance, sun resistance, strong tear resistance and high cost performance. This whole set of aquaculture equipment can make the products have a comfortable environment.

Using galvanized sheet canvas fish ponds for fish culture has the advantages of high yield, easy management and easy fishing. High density aquaculture in artificially controllable water bodies has the advantages of high yield, high efficiency and high commodity rate. Under this aquaculture mode, aquaculture can be carried out even if there is no bare water resources on the ground, which is less limited by topographical factors than general aquaculture.

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