Suggestions and precautions for improvement of galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond aquaculture

1. Aquaculture water level: it is recommended to set up a special fry culture pond.

For economic reasons, fishermen use a 1.4-meter-high galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond with a maximum water level of 1.3 meters. For large fish, this water depth is conducive to avoiding hiding and can accommodate higher production. However, the suitable water depth for most species is about 60 cm during the fry stage, especially for smaller fry. If we do not set up a special fry pond, but use the 1.4-meter galvanized plate adult pond for aquaculture, in fact, the capacity of the galvanized plate canvas pond is idle and wasted, and the utilization of resources is not optimal.

2. Drainage: when using PVC canvas fish pond to raise fish, it is best to set two drainage holes in the fish pond. The floor drain drainage hole can be placed in the middle of the fish pond, and the overflow drainage hole can be set next to the water inlet, about 20cm away from the water inlet, so as not to affect the flow of water, and it is more convenient to adjust the water level.

3. Depth: if small fry are cultivated, they are suitable for growing at a depth of about 60cm, so the water level in the fish pond cannot be too high. If large fish are cultivated, the water level can be raised to about 1.3m, which is conducive to fish hiding.

4. Fish pond treatment: when using a canvas fish pond to raise fish, first of all, it is necessary to drain the water in the fish pond, sprinkle quicklime evenly in the fish pond for disinfection and sterilization, and then after water injection, an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer can be sprinkled into the water to play the role of fertilizer and water.

5. The canvas fish pond is best built outdoors, and a sunshade can be set up above the fish pond to avoid the sun exposure affecting the growth of fish.

6. When you use a canvas fish pond to raise fish, you need to change the water regularly. It is also necessary to install an aerator in the fish pond to increase the oxygen content in the water.

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