What are the benefits of aquaculture in galvanized sheet PVC canvas pool

Compared with the traditional mud pond, the new galvanized sheet PVC canvas pond has many advantages, as follows:

1. Galvanized sheet PVC canvas pond have low production cost and fast aquaculture breeding return. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, good tear resistance, high strength, durability and convenient maintenance.

2. Without pond or pond, it is simple and convenient to use and disassemble, easy to clean, easy to discharge sewage, easy to manage, and save manpower, material resources and capital costs.

3. It is more than one meter above the ground, which can prevent flood, sediment and pollutants from entering the fish pond in rainy days, reduce breeding accidents and improve the success rate of breeding.

4. It is convenient to maintain. Each pool is independent. In case of water leakage and seepage of a pool, it is convenient to replace or repair, and the cost is low (if it is cut and punctured, it can be cleaned and wiped dry, and then repaired with glue and canvas fragments).

5. The terrain requirements are very low, and the size and shape can be flexibly customized according to needs.

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