Advantages of galvanized sheet PVC canvas fish pond in modern chemical plant mode

Advantage 1:

Not like the traditional fish pond, it is more convenient in installation and use, and the installation is more flexible! It can be installed in a spare place and covers a relatively small area.

Advantage 2:

The density of aquaculture is relatively high, which reduces the space to a pool with a diameter of 6-10 meters. The density of aquaculture is high, and the output is also increased.

Now many farmers are using galvanized PVC canvas fish ponds to  fish and shrimp aquaculture. According to previous customer reports, since the fish farming effect of canvas ponds is very good, one cubic meter of water can raise about 80 kilograms of fish. He also said that if the water source is sufficient, coupled with the oxygen increasing system, scientific management and feeding, and high-density aquaculture, one cubic meter of water may raise about 100-120 kilograms. Galvanized PVC canvas fish ponds do have many incomparable advantages over traditional fish ponds, such as putting fish fry reasonably according to the size of the pond and feeding on demand; For example, if the water source is sufficient, keep letting live water in, increase the oxygen content of the water body, and constantly drain out, so as to provide good growth water quality for fish; Another example is that the galvanized steel pool is generally more than 1 meter above the ground, which can prevent muddy water, sewage, cement and sand from entering the pool caused by heavy rain, etc.

The galvanized sheet is made of thickened hot-dip galvanized steel strip, so that the steel plate will not rust. In the production process, the pressing plate machine is used to press out the wavy steel plate, and then it is assembled into a circular iron bucket shape. The surrounding is evenly stressed, which greatly reduces the pressure of water in the pool. Therefore, it can also be used as an orchard Hill irrigation reservoir.

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