b627230de83fec6690bb97722be0210.pngOur company's aim is early quality equipment, good service.And the company has also successfully developed a complete set of micro-pore oxygen-increasing equipment suitable for market demand, which effectively improves the oxygen content in water from the bottom, enhances the antibacterial ability of aquatic products, thus greatly improving the density of aquaculture and increasing the output of aquaculture.It also increases economic benefits.Let the customer be able to get satisfactory return.

Successful cases have been selected into jiangyin energy-saving and environment-friendly circulating aquaculture equipment engineering technology research center.Products IOS9001 quality management system certification.Often years of efforts, the company's products not only create good economic benefits for our customers.At the same time also made a contribution to the cause of environmental protection in China.And the development of market demand for production, energy saving, environmental protection of the green breeding mode.