Daily maintenance of Roots fan

  1. Check the fastening status of each part and whether the positioning pin is loose.  

  2.  There is no oil leakage inside the blower body.  

  3.  There can be no scaling, rust and shedding in the body of the blower.  

  4. pay attention to smooth and heat dissipation can be normal, pay attention to the quality of smooth oil, often listen to the blower operation without noise, pay attention to whether the unit can operate under the condition of not in line with the rules, and pay attention to add butter regularly.  

  5.  The overload of the blower is sometimes not immediately displayed, so it is necessary to pay attention to the inlet and exhaust pressure, bearing temperature and the adding trend of motor current to determine whether the machine can operate normally.  

  6.  before opening the machine, the cooperation scale of the machine should be measured, well recorded, and do a good symbol on the parts, in order to ensure that the original cooperation after installation. 

  7.   For new machines or overhauled blowers, the oil tank should be cleaned and put into operation at the pace of use. It is recommended that all smooth oil be replaced after 8 hours of operation.  

  8. protection maintenance should be in accordance with the detailed use of reasonable repair criteria, as scheduled, and record, advocate an annual overhaul, and replace bearings and relevant wearing parts.  

  9. The overhaul of the blower is advocated by professional repairmen. 

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