Operation method of three blade roots blower

A、 Installation requirements of Roots blower

1. The foundation shall be firm, the surface shall be flat and 10-25cm higher than the ground.

2. Sufficient space shall be reserved around the fan to meet the needs of maintenance and disassembly.

3. The working environment temperature of the fan shall not exceed 40 ° C. if it exceeds 40 ° C, measures shall be taken to reduce the temperature, otherwise the service life of the fan will be shortened.

4. When the fan is configured outdoors, please set a rain proof shed.

B、 Requirements for Roots blower piping

1. The fan pipes shall be tightly connected without air leakage, and supports shall be set at appropriate positions.

2. The pipe material shall be able to withstand the exhaust temperature and pressure. (try to use steel pipe)

3. The inside of the pipeline shall be clean and free of foreign matters to prevent foreign matters from entering.

4. A one-way valve shall be installed on the pipeline to prevent the return high-pressure gas caused by the reversing of the fan from entering the fan and damaging the fan. Note: the check valve shall be installed on the horizontal pipe.

5. In case of parallel operation of multiple fans, gate valves must be set on each branch pipe (the pipe can be cut off when one fan is overhauled).

6. The pipeline shall be provided with a vent valve to prevent the fan from starting with load. The vent valve shall be gradually closed after the fan is started without load. When running with load and shutting down, the exhaust valve shall be opened to confirm that the fan is not loaded, and then the fan shall be shut down.

C、 Precautions before starting roots blower

1. Check whether the foundation bolts are firmly connected.

2. Remove foreign matters such as welding slag in the pipeline.

3. The valve shall be fully opened, otherwise the fan will be overloaded and damaged.

4. Check and fill the gear oil. When leaving the factory, the oil tank has been filled with gear oil. Please check the oil level in the gear box. In the shutdown state, the oil can be added to the center of the oil window. Do not add more, or oil leakage will occur.

5. Fill the bearing with grease. The fan operates normally, and it shall be filled once or twice a week according to the actual working condition.

6. Check the tightness of the narrow V-belt and the deviation of the pulley. The belt pulley deviation can be adjusted with a ruler. The belt tightness can be adjusted according to the following table. After using for a period of time, the belt will become loose, and it needs to be readjusted.

7. Check whether the power supply voltage and frequency meet the nameplate parameters on the motor.

8. Check the pulley steering. When looking at the pulley, the rotation direction of the pulley shall be consistent with the rotation mark arrow.

9. Before starting, rotate the pulley by hand. If there is no abnormality, start the fan.

D、 Operating instructions of Roots blower

1. At the initial stage of operation, due to the viscosity of lubricating oil, the noise and current may be too high, and it will disappear after 10-20 minutes of operation.

2. The gas flow can be adjusted by changing the fan speed or increasing or decreasing the overflow pipe.

3. The noise of the same model is also different, because the different positions and piping conditions of the fans in the machinery room will cause the noise difference.

4. The fan shall operate within the pressure specified on the nameplate in the manual.

The pressure gauge is connected with the fan pipe through the connecting rod switch. The instrument is suitable for measuring the pressure of non corrosive medium to steel and copper alloy. The instrument shall not exceed 3 / 4 of the upper limit of the instrument when measuring the rated stable pressure and 2 / 3 of the upper limit of the instrument when measuring the fluctuating pressure. The instrument in use must be regularly inspected at least once every three months.

The instrument is suitable for use in places where the ambient temperature is - 40 ℃ to + 60 ℃ and the relative temperature is not more than 80%. The instrument connection and measuring point shall be on the same horizontal line.

When the fan works, the pressure gauge switch shall be in the off state, and the top vent rubber head shall be cut off when the instrument is used. If it is necessary to measure the pressure, open the switch, and then close it after measuring. In order to reduce the impact of impact vibration and rapid change of measured medium on the instrument, a buffer structure is added during use.

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