Advantages and characteristics of Roots blower microporous oxygen increasing device

Roots blower microporous oxygen increasing device has seven advantages:

1. High effective oxygen capacity: due to the bubbles produced by ultra-fine pore aeration, the contact surface with water in the water body is large, the floating velocity is low, and the contact time is long, so the mass transfer of oxygen is high.

2. Activate the water body: the microporous aeration oxygen increasing device is like turning the water body into hundreds of millions of slowly flowing rivers. Sufficient dissolved oxygen enables the water body to establish a natural ecosystem and make the water live. And the roots aerator can operate continuously for 24 hours to ensure sufficient oxygen supply.

3. Restore the self purification function of water body: microporous aeration is the bottom oxygenation, and other oxygenation is generally the surface oxygenation. The aquaculture water body is mainly the bottom hypoxia, and the insoluble organic matter such as the fertilizer sludge, organic excreta and the remaining deteriorated feed will consume a large amount of oxygen. Sufficient microporous aeration can increase oxygen, so that it can be converted into organic matter dissolved and decomposed by microorganisms, and the self purification function of water can be restored.

4. Low energy consumption: due to the use of microporous aeration oxygen increasing equipment, the mass transfer of oxygen is high, which is less than one fourth of the energy consumption of water tanker or impeller oxygen increasing, which can greatly save the electricity cost of farmers.

5. Realize ecological aquaculture and ensure aquaculture benefits: the continuous microporous oxygen supply provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, the self purification ability of the water body is restored and improved, the bacterial phase and the algal phase are naturally balanced, and the natural ecology of the water body is constructed. The survival ability of the aquaculture population is steadily improved, and the aquaculture benefits are fully guaranteed. Because it is aerated at the bottom of the water, it will not cause vibration to the water surface, and the life of aquatic products will not be affected.

6. Safety and environmental protection: the microporous aeration oxygen increasing device is installed on the shore, with good safety performance and will not cause pollution to the water body. Other oxygen increasing methods are working in the water, and if the electricity leakage occurs, it will have potential harm to the human body and fish and shrimp.

7. Convenient maintenance: the product is light and durable, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

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