Aerator of aquaculture water and underwater aeration technology of microporous aeration tube

In order to reduce the death of seedlings during aquaculture, increase production and improve benefits, people often use biological, chemical and physical methods to increase oxygen in water. In recent years, the microporous aeration aerator made of high-quality synthetic rubber and ingredients is a better way to increase oxygen.

Compared with several other common aerators, the main characteristics of this kind of microporous tube are small pores, dense bubbles and uniform air outlet; There are three main advantages:

(I) compared with various aerators for surface oxygenation, its main advantages are: microporous tube underwater aeration oxygenation can make the lower layer of anoxic water more supplemented by oxygen, make the air filled into the water evenly diffuse to each water layer, accelerate the diffusion of toxic gases produced at the bottom under anoxic conditions into the air, and reduce the interference of noise on the normal activities of fish.

(II) compared with small, medium and large aerators such as gas stone, the bubbles produced by microporous tubes are much smaller. The smaller the bubble, the larger the gas-liquid contact surface, and the longer the retention time in water, the better the effect of oxygenation.

(III) compared with the ceramic, titanium plate and other microporous aerators and perforated pipes that can only be opened but not closed, its main advantages are good anti blocking performance, less water reverse infiltration into the pipe, small gas running resistance, 1-3 times higher oxygen utilization rate, energy saving and cost saving.

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