Precautions for aquaculture in early spring

It is early spring now. For aquaculture farmers, different time nodes have different management methods. What are the precautions for aquaculture in early spring?

1. Clear the pond

When clearing the pond, the sludge should be removed as much as possible, and disinfected with quicklime and bleaching powder to kill parasite eggs, etc. In addition, the pond sill should be strengthened.

2. Disinfection

The early spring is the key period for aquaculture breeding and releasing. When purchasing fish fry, you should purchase them from a regular fry farm. The released fish fry should have good physique and neat specifications. 15 days before the seedlings are released, sprinkle the whole pool with quicklime slurry, which can effectively kill wild fish and harmful pathogenic bacteria. Fertilization and water should be carried out 7 days before the seedlings are released, which is conducive to the opening of rotifers for the growth of seedlings.

3. Fish fry

When the fish fry are lowered into the pond, soak them in 1% - 4% salt water for 5-10 minutes, let the fish fry or the fish fry bag adapt to the water for a period of time before releasing them slowly, and start eating as early as possible after releasing the fry.

4. Water quality

In early spring, the water level of the pond should be kept at about 1 meter. In addition, the water quality of the pond should be kept fat, alive, tender and cool. In addition, attention should be paid to the prevention of common diseases and parasites in spring. If the water quality changes due to continuous overcast and rainy weather, it is necessary to add and change water in time if conditions permit. The roots blower is equipped with nano-aeration pipe to increase oxygen and improve water quality. Jiangyin Zhongxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. can provide you with one-stop oxygenation equipment to increase your aquaculture production.

5. Prevention

Common fish diseases in early spring include wheelworm disease, melon worm disease, water mildew, etc. The wheel worm disease is prevented by soaking the fish fry in salt water for 3-10 minutes or sprinkling the mixture with Baicao Insecticide. Cucumber disease can be prevented by soaking in 3-5% salt water or sprinkling with sporoderm mixture. Water mildew is sprinkled on the whole pond with Baicao Meijing.

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