Application of nano tube microporous oxygenation technology in crab aquaculture

A few days ago, at the crab pond, the author saw a series of foam rising in the crab pond. In the clear water, the crabs climbed freely on the green grass. The application of nanotube microporous oxygenation technology in crab culture not only helps to improve the water body, but also promotes the growth of crab and achieves the effect of increasing production and income.  

It is understood that nanotube microporous oxygenation technology is a new technology emerging in aquaculture in recent years. It mainly uses Roots blower to blow air into the pipe laid at the mouth of the aquaculture pond, and then aerates the water body through the extremely thin holes on the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of oxygenation for the water body. Because the pore diameter on the pipe is very small, the water outside the pipe cannot enter, which changes the traditional aerator's high noise, low air supply pressure The single machine has the disadvantages of small benefit range, simple installation and low cost. The application of microporous pipeline oxygenation technology in aquatic products not only provides a good environment for the growth of aquatic animals, but also makes the growth of aquatic plants more prosperous. Jiangyin Zhongxin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. can provide you with a complete set of oxygenation equipment, from Roots blower to nano tubes.

"The yield and quality of river crab are closely related to water quality and aquatic plants. When the water quality is good, the aquatic plants will naturally be good. From the current growth of river crab, the yield and quality of our river crab this year must be better than last year." The farmer said excitedly to the author. At present, the farmers have also installed a timing device on the Roots blower, which automatically switches on and off the machine according to the weather and the situation at the entrance of the pond every day. Even at night, Lao Liu can sleep well without worrying about the lack of oxygen in the crab pond and getting up at midnight to irrigate.



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