Zhongxin Submerged air blower

Product features:

1. Reduce energy consumption: The submerged blower has a higher speed to reduce countercurrent, and relatively reduce energy consumption.

2. Quietness: because the submerged blower is placed in the water, the sound is refracted into the water at the interface of air and water, but not into the air. At the same time, the water and the tank wall are also refracted back to achieve the effect of sound extinction, without causing secondary pollution.

3. No need to make a sound proof room: because the submerged blower is placed in the water, it does not need to make another sound proof cover or sound proof workshop. At the same time, the blower is placed in the water tank, which does not occupy space, so it can effectively use the space.

4. Solid structure, peace of mind and practicality: the motor and body are straight connected (without the trouble of traditional adjusting belt). Both the motor and the machine are enclosed by O-ring traps, so there is no danger of water inflow. If the motor stops due to overheating, please clean the shell to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

5. Extension of bearing life: the bearing is applied with prepress to reduce the bearing clearance, vibration and noise, so the service life of the bearing is extended.


1. Domestic and industrial sewage treatment;

2. Water plant and aeration tank;

3. Black and odorous river regulation;

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