Name:Three blade Roots fan

Product Description

1, working principle: the use of two three-bladed rotor in the cylinder for relative movement to compress and transport gas constant volume rotary blower.  The blower relies on synchronous gears at the shaft end of the rotor to keep the two rotors engaged.  Each concave part of the surface of the rotor and the inner wall of the cylinder constitute a working volume, in the process of rotation of the rotor from the suction port to take away the gas, when moved to the exhaust port near the exhaust port is connected with the exhaust port, the gas is transported to the exhaust channel.  The two rotors alternate in turn.  The two rotors do not contact each other, and the gap between them is tightly controlled to achieve sealing, so the exhaust gas is not polluted by lubricating oil.  

2, features: gas pulsation is small, vibration is small, low noise, this blower has a simple structure, easy to manufacture, suitable for gas transportation and pressure, can also be used as a vacuum pump.  



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